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Father Dankasa: Practicing a faith that could become boring

As Catholic priests, there are certain activities and rituals that we carry out as part of our priestly duties, functions, and ministry. These functions include celebrating the Mass, hearing confessions, giving a homily/reflection, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, etc. These are functions or activities that we carry out mostly on a daily basis. For me, as for many other priests, it is a blessing and privilege to exercise this ministry and to carry out these functions. I cannot measure the sanctifying grace it brings to me and the joy I feel when I carry out these ministerial duties.


Father Fry: The light shines in the darkness

In a special way during Advent, we unite ourselves in prayer with the sentiments of the Blessed Mother who in silent waiting carried the hidden Savior within her womb for nine months. Mary in turn intercedes for us, as faith, hope, and joy are born again in our hearts as we wait expectantly for the birth of her Son.

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Father Dankasa: When Thanksgiving becomes ‘thank you’

One of the most anticipated holidays in America is Thanksgiving. The fourth Thursday of November every year (and its accompanying weekend) is eagerly anticipated, not only because it is a holiday set aside for a day called Thanksgiving Day, but also because it gives the opportunity for many people to rest and be with family or friends for a long weekend.