Today is Tuesday, July 25th, 2017


As part of a major renovation project of the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, all of the stained glass windows are currently being cleaned and restored at a studio in Waco, Texas. Here, a completed stained glass panel is displayed to show the restored color and vibrancy of the window outside Stanton Studios July 13. (JENNA TETER/The Texas Catholic)

Restoring testaments of faith

Restoration project breathes new life into beauty of stained glass windows at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Read more


A time of remembrance and reflection will commemorate the anniversary of one of Dallas’ darkest hours: the slaying of five police officers on July 7, 2016. The Weekend of Honor, an assortment of events marking the one-year anniversary of the downtown ambush shootings, kicks off July 7. Read more

Having served as Dallas police officers for a combined 34 years, husband and wife Stephen and Tami Cleary understand how crucial the role of faith can be in their profession, especially when encountering life’s darker side on a daily basis. The Clearys, along with their four children, were among dozens of law enforcement officers and first responders in attendance at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe on June 10 for the Diocese of Dallas’ first Blue Mass, recognizing the service of the city’s law enforcement, fire and EMT workers. Read more

As his family endured perhaps the most difficult period in their young lives, Aaron Hall made what he called the easiest decision in his life. He became his daughter’s kidney donor. Aaron’s 11-year-old daughter, Nicole is a student at St. Paul Catholic School in Richardson and suffers from a rare genetic metabolic disease called cystinosis, whereby the body produces an excess amount of the amino acid cystine which slowly damages the body’s tissues and organs. Read more

In 2003, when Thomas W. Poore and his wife, Ann, first got an eyeful of the site near what would become the John Paul II High School campus, they pledged to devote themselves to nurturing the first Dallas Diocesan Catholic high school to be built in more than 40 years. On May 11, on a campus that serves an enrollment of 740 as a landmark of strong faith formation and academic excellence, Poore announced that he will retire on July 31. Read more

When Elena Hines arrived as the first lay principal at St. Rita Catholic School in 1991, she increased the frequency of school Masses from monthly to weekly and launched a Prayer Buddies program to partner younger and older students in spiritual growth. That was just the beginning. Recently, she reflected on her retirement on July 1, after leading the school for 26 years. Read more

Evelyn Grubbs leaned toward a career in chemistry in her student years. Instead, the veteran educator found that great chemistry with colleagues, students and parents allowed her to make exceptional strides on a variety of fronts at schools including Bishop Lynch High School. Grubbs, who has been the principal at Bishop Lynch since 2010, will retire on July 1 after 24 years of service to the school during a career in Catholic education that began in 1971. Read more

Jesus tells us in Matt. 11:28, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” James Bailey, an Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran, felt heavily burdened after returning from overseas in 2009. The husband and father of two withdrew from society as he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. However, Bailey says after receiving an abundance of healing grace, he finally found rest in the Catholic Church. Read more

Sarah Melén felt the full impact of her USA-Swedish dual citizenship in the weight room of John Paul II High School during the 2016 Rio Olympics last August. The sophomore goalkeeper for the Cardinals soccer team, who recently returned from training as a member of Sweden’s National Under-16 “Football” Team, watched the USA-Sweden women’s Olympic quarterfinal match on a TV that the strength coaches set up for her. Read more

In the soothing stillness of the St. Jude Chapel, a young family of four devoted part of a mid-March afternoon to praying in the downtown Dallas sanctuary. Three other visitors joined the family in gazing above the altar at the soaring “Risen Christ” mosaic—a 30-foot-tall image of the transfigured Christ backed predominantly in dozens of shades of blue, from sea and sky, to cornflower and indigo. Read more





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