Today is Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


Bishop Edward J. Burns blesses Sarahi Puentes’s Confirmation gifts at a reception following Mass March 25 at St. Monica Catholic Church. (JENNA TETER/The Texas Catholic)

Hear God’s call, harden not your hearts

During this Lenten season, the refrain after the reading from the prophets has warned us, “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts!” This warning has a two-fold difficulty. In the first place, it is hard to discern just what God’s voice sounds like and in what circumstances God wants to capture our attention.
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“Hope rather than fear,” St. Thomas Aquinas taught, is the true “cause of confession.” An act of love, confession “gives us life,” he said. It’s a sacrament which “opens the gate of heaven.” Read more

By Father Thomas Esposito Special to The Texas Catholic Among the myriad treasures of Sacred Scripture, one of the most neglected has to be the Letter to the Hebrews. It receives relatively little attention in the liturgy, and I imagine

What is the difference between evangelization and proselytism? As Christians, we have been commanded to go out and “make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19). And yet, we are sensitive to the conflicts that emerge from proselytism, or from attitudes that are — rightly or wrongly — sometimes associated with Christian missionaries: an argumentative spirit; an inability to admit mistakes or to learn from someone else; and an indifference to others beyond what it takes to convert them. Read more

Life can bear the stamp of a perpetual Lent for many people, believers and non-believers alike. The desert is the dominant symbol for the church’s annual preparation for Jesus’ Passion, death and resurrection, joining our meditations and mortifications to the Israelites’ 40 years of wandering and Jesus’ own 40 days of temptatio Read more

Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. there was a triple knock on the door of the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Who was knocking? It turned out to be the eighth bishop of the Diocese of Dallas, the Most Rev. Edward J. Burns, recently of the rainy slopes of Juneau, Alaska, now seeking to bring a new spirit of renewal to Texas. Read more

One fruit of the president’s executive order putting a stop to immigration from seven majority Muslim countries for a period of 120 days has been confusion and chaos. The stated purpose of the order was to make our country safer, to call for a pause in the processes involved in people emigrating from these countries and fleeing as refugees from persecution and war; to allow for additional vetting procedures to be put in place. Read more

There is a contradiction in our culture which crosses all divides. It has to do with freedom. On the one hand, we are all taught to cherish freedom, whatever our social, religious or political background. But on the other hand, we tend to run from freedom as far as we possibly can. Read more

After a not too long wait, our diocese has been informed that our next leader will be coming down to these parts from the state of Alaska. This announcement has stirred up some powerful memories from my past. Read more

For the philosophers among us, the question of why clothes both express and conceal some aspect of our body-soul unity would be an intriguing topic of secular conversation. From the theological point of view, garments are featured at some of the most crucial moments of salvation history narrated in the Bible. The feast of the Epiphany is the perfect time to ponder the symbolism of clothing beyond the happy contemplation of little baby Jesus wrapped in his “swaddling clothes.” Read more





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